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Music is a universal language. Regardless of culture or background, the effects of a song transcends the human soul.


Music provides many benefits to the heart, mind, and soul.  It fosters creativity and self expression and teaches discipline.


At Dawn Treader Christian School, we believe music instruction is foundational to Christian education.  Our


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students will learn principles in music to develop knowledge and understanding from a Christian ministry perspective.


The Arts are another expression of our God-given gift in creativity.  We recognize that every student is created in the image of God to be creative, expressive and engaged in the world they live in.  We desire to build upon this God-given ability and teach skills that will promote each student’s ability to create.  We strive for our students to develop a greater knowledge of God through artistic expression and interpretation.


Our computer lab enables our students to build technology skills needed in the 21st Century.  Technology jobs will dominate the future market and we aim to prepare our students to become tech savvy today.


At Dawn Treader Christian School, we emphasize discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.  We teach the importance of respect towards self, their peers, and their bodies.  We reinforce the priority of living an active and healthy life.  Our Physical Education program involves sports, physical activity and healthy living.   These disciplines will not only help students succeed but also strive to be their very best in all aspects of life.

Our Team Values

Confidence, Collaboration and Community


Physical Education builds confidence in students through a variety of activities, from flag football to ping pong.  This discipline gives students a way to find their talents and skills whether its through basketball, running sprints or doing pull-ups.  Team sports give students a chance to learn the value of different skills and abilities.  These concepts will help a middle school student understand the value of collaboration and community, which are values that will benefit each student for life.


Healthy Living


The moderate exercise required in gym class helps students stay healthy. Most of the school day is spent sitting.  We strive to impart healthy living not just through physical activity but also by learning to eat healthy and care for self.  Our Physical Education includes learning about nutrition, STDs, drugs and personal hygiene. Young children are particularly susceptible to peer pressure; we offer a solid understanding of health-related topics that will help them make better choices in life.



Good sportsmanship is an important value to understand as students enter a more competitive environment in high school.  Good Sportsmanship involves fair play, following the rules of a sport or game and treating opponents, referees and coaches with respect. These are crucial values to learn before entering the competitive environment of high school and we are proud to set them on a path for successful sports athletics.



For over 40 years Dawn Treader has provided a vibrant and quality educational environment for children starting in kindergarten to eighth grade.




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