2020-2021 School Calendar

Our teaching and administration staff is comprised of men and women who are dedicated to educating our future leaders.

administrative team

teaching staff

Mrs. Montero


  • Charles Salinas

    Administrator          View More

    We are so grateful to the Lord for all He has done in last 39 years of this great voyage. Entering our 40th year we in high expectation of what God has in stored for this great city and the community of people we serve. The Best is here and now.

  • Mrs. P. Darby View More

    Principal/Director/Lead Instructor

    We are off to a great start as our teachers ready our students academically and spiritually. I am excited to teach inquisitive minds. This year we will embark on an adventure that includes bibles lessons, phonics, reading writing, language arts, math, current issues and world events.  The class is currently learning about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America.

  • Ms. Slater  View More

    Art Teacher 1st & 2nd Grade

    This year in Arts the students will be motivated to express themselves visually and creatively through artistic thought and action while building a foundation of Art.

  • Mrs. A Drakeford View More

    Kindergarten Teacher

    The Kinderg√§rtners are excited about learning!  We are learning how to identify Uppercase/Lowercase Letters, sounds, and numbers and develop better social skills.

  • Mrs. E. Farrar  View More

    3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

    This year the students will learn Biblical stories and memorize scripture. They also will learn about their communities as well as their country in Social Studies. There will also be lessons in Reading, Writing, Language Arts to enhance their educational growth.

  • Ms. T. Darby View More

    7th and 8th Grade Teacher, Math Teacher

    The junior high students are working on Narrative Writing this marking period and are delving into conflict, setting, plot, and figurative language components in their writing. In math, they have completed their review on Integer Operations.  Currently, the class is working on Linear Equations and will begin converting numbers into standard and scientific notation.

  • Ms. L Davis View More

    5th and 6th Grade Teacher, Science Teacher

    In Social Studies the students are learning to identify, read and label  various genre of maps. They are also learning the terms associated with maps and how they are used in everyday life.


Ms. T. Williams

Music & After School Director

Israel Montes

Physical Education Teacher

After School Staff

Catapult Learning Staff

Angelique Cintron

After School  Arts & Crafts,

  • Orlando Gordan View More

    Athletics, Dance, AfterCare

    After school is when we really learn about the students personality. We engage in activities that are creative and fun. Through dance and friendly competition aftercare gives the students a chance to relax and be themselves.

Dennis Magriples

Special Education Teacher


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Catapult Learning, Inc. has dedicated the past four decades to improving academic performance for all students, especially those who may be at-risk, including potential dropouts and those with learning and emotional disabilities. The company’s team of 5,600 educators works to achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through research-based programs that include intervention, alternative school education, special education, assessment, school improvement, and professional development solutions. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Camden, New Jersey, Catapult Learning partners with over 500 school districts, including 18 of the 20 largest districts in the United States.


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