2020-2021 School Calendar


Charles Salinas, Administrator

Dawn Treader Christian School is a dynamic school meeting the needs of our urban community. We strive for our students to grow and develop into responsible and successful young adults.  We pride ourselves in educating students who will become world changers, leaders, and

innovators of transformational change.  Each year we re-evaluate our programs to design new opportunities for development so that each student grows intellectually, spiritually, physically, and academically.

We are excited to roll out in the near future a language program, where students will learn Spanish as a second language. In addition, we will roll out courses featuring STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) for innovation across various industries.


Students will explore and engage the world through a variety of field trips to museums and theaters. Students will have the opportunity to continue expanding their learning through our Summer Enrichment program.


We are blessed at Dawn Treader Christian School to shape and influence the lives of our students and set them on track to become men and women who are Godly leaders in their homes, professions and communities.



For over 40 years Dawn Treader has provided a vibrant and quality educational environment for children starting in kindergarten to eighth grade.




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